Interventional Fellowship

Dorset Heart Centre – Royal Bournemouth Hospital

There are four, 1-year Interventional Fellowship posts, which usually start in January of each year. These are advertised on the NHS jobs website.

Dorset Heart Centre (DHC) is a busy sub-regional, non-surgical PCI centre with five Interventional Consultants. It serves a large catchment area providing all PCI services including an established 24/7 primary PCI programme. The 5 Interventionalists perform approximately 2000 procedures per annum covering all advanced and complex PCI techniques, utilising all contemporary equipment. There is an established advanced CTO programme with retrograde and dissection-re-entry strategies.  DHC is a European training centre for Excimer Laser Coronary Atherectomy (EPCA) and a training centre for the AXXESS dedicated bifurcation stent system. Each fellow can expect to perform around 500 first operator cases per year and develop competency in adjunctive PCI tools such as IVUS, OCT, OFDI, pressure wire, rotational atherectomy and laser atherectomy, and CTO PCI. In addition to excellent clinical and procedural training all Fellows are expected to participate in departmental and national research programmes, present at national and international conferences, and publish in peer-reviewed journals.

Supervisors: Dr S Talwar (, Dr P O’Kane (peter.o’, Dr T Levy, Dr R Swallow, Dr J Din

Current Fellows: Dr K Longman, Dr V Kodoth, Dr M Zeb


Author: Dr Andrew Whittaker, Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

I was an Interventional Fellow at RBH 2014-2015 and had a fantastic year. For training in coronary intervention, RBH offers everything and anything that you could find in any international fellowship. In addition to the procedural and clinical training, the team prepare Fellows for all aspects of Consultant practice and give honest constructive feedback to esnure you are able to compete for highly competetive Consultant posts. The entire Cath lab team and supporting Cardiology staff are superb. I would strongly recommend any trainee dedicated to becoming an Interventionalist to do this job.


1 outpatient clinic per week average. 6-8 sessions in the Interventional catheter laboratory. Time for research provided and active participation expected as there are multiple local, national and international studies running all of the time. Fellow will be responsible for the timely completion of all of his/her admin & paperwork. Weekly Heart Team MDT and Imaging/PCI MDT that all fellows are expected to participate in.


450-600 cases per annum including LMS and complex PCI can be achieved depending on level of experience of yourself and other fellows. 80% of PCI performed transradial. IVUS and pressure wire utilised in approximately40% cases.  OCT and OFDI utilised frequently enabling fellows to be competent in the use of these imaging modalities. Training in rotablation and laser available (depending on experience) and expertise in advanced CTO PCI can be obatined (again depeding on experience).


One in 9 (depending on number of fellows), non-resident on-call, within 30 mins recall.

about the area

Bournemouth is a bustling university city on England’s south coast, famous for its warm weather and award-winning 8-mile beach. A great place to live, either solo or with family. The New Forest is very close with beautiful scenery for walking along with outstanding hotels and restaurants.  Plenty to do for carefree professionals and those with a young family. The hospital is extremely friendly and the Cardiology department is exceptional.

Ongoing fellowship

Yes – advertisement in medical press. Contact Dr S Talwar and Dr P O’Kane

contact Previous fellows

  • Dr John Rawlins, Consultant Cardiologist, Wessex Cardiothoracic Centre (
  • Dr Girish Viswanathan, Consultant Cardiologist, Plymouth
  • Dr Omar Rana, Consultant Cardiologist, Lahore, Pakistan
  • Dr Andrew Whittaker, Consultant Cardiologist, Kettering
  • Dr Nalyaka Sambu, Consultant Cardiologist, Brighton
  • Dr Paul Rees, Consultant Cardiologist, London (
  • Dr Juan Fernandez, Consultant Cardiologist, Lincoln (
  • Dr Alex Hobson, Consultant Cardiologist, Portsmouth