Zurich – Switzerland

Cardiac CT and Cardiac Hybrid Imaging Fellowship.

University Hospital of Zurich, Switzerland

Professor Philipp Kaufmann
Head of Cardiac Imaging
University Hospital Zurich
Ramistrasse 100
NUK C 42
CH-8091 Zurich

Application process:  Contact Professor Kaufmann directly.

Funding: You have to raise money yourself for this fellowship (at least at the moment).

The most recent UK-based fellow applied to the Royal Society of Medicine and obtained an Ellison-Cliffe Travelling Fellowship advertised on the RSM website: https://www.rsm.ac.uk/academ/awards/


Provided by Dr Sacha Bull (Sacha.bull@cardiov.ox.ac.uk)

General clinical overview:

– Clinical responsibilities: Reporting 6 CT scans/day and 4 Nuclear scans (including PET) and normally 1 or 2 Hybrid scan. You are also expected to supervise the scanning of the patients

– Typical weekly commitments/rota: Daily working hours 8-6 roughly. No out of hours duties.

Lab session: You spend every day reporting/doing scans. No clinical ward duties, ward rounds necessary

– Procedural experience/numbers for each procedure/test: 6 CT scans/day, 4-6 Nuclear scans and 1 or 2 Hybrid scans

– Solo or supervised experience: You are expected to generate the reports on your own however every evening a consultant or Professor Kaufmann will sit down with you an go through all the daily reports. All reports are sent back to the referrer the same day.

–  On-call commitment: None

Additional information:

Funding information: Self funded/ raise your own fellowship money. Sometimes the supervisor has some money meant for registrars that he could pay you with but you would have to be able to work at the level of a registrar over there and that means you have to be fluent in German

Time required to obtain visa’s etc: No visa requirements.There is no GMC equivalent – just bring your certificates along and if the hospital administration has seen them and is happy with them then you can practice

Brief information about the place: They are a very advanced cardiac imaging unit and have access to the latest technology. The have an active research collaboration with GE and so in addition to reporting clinical scans you will also be involved in conducting research. They publish on average one paper a month and I think during my year.

Philipp Kaufmann also runs a 2 week cardiac CT course for international fellows you will have an opportunity to attend this and to teach on it.

They all speak perfect English. One downside for someone who is not a native German Speaker (I am ) is that the reports have to be written in German – but all the consultants speak excellent English.

Zurich itself is beautiful (but expensive!!) with a lot to offer culturally. There are lots of opportunities for weekend skiing and mountain hiking trips!

Feel free to contact me directly if you need more information: