Fellow in Advanced Heart Failure and Device Therapy – Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Glasgow

Fellow in Advanced Heart Failure and Device Therapy, Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Clydebank, Glasgow

Testimonial 1

Supervisor: Dr Roy Gardner (

Author & current fellow: Dr Stephen Pettit (

How to get it

Post advertised in National Medical Press – Application form, followed by Interview

Typical Weekly Timetable

One of three weeks on Scottish National Advanced Heart Failure Unit, looking after patients with severe heart failure who are being assessed for, or have received, mechanical circulatory support or cardiac transplantation. Two of three weeks spent undertaking other roles including outpatient clinics, complex pacing lists and research. There are also opportunities to undertake sessions in coronary intervention or advanced imaging if these are of interest to applicants.

Case Numbers and Case Mix

Typically five to six inpatients on the Scottish National Advanced Heart Failure Service.

Two complex pacing lists per week, each with 1-2 CRT and 1-2 ICD cases.

On-call Commitment

There is a 1:9 fellows rota (full shifts) attracting a 1a supplement but no obligation to participate.

Research Opportunities

Excellent with multiple ongoing projects and enthusiastic supervisors

about the area

The hospital is based in Clydebank, around six miles from Glasgow’s West End. Commuting is straightforward by road (free parking), rail (five minutes walk) or bike (cycle path). Glasgow is an excellent city in which to live. The fabulous Scottish countryside is close.

Testimonial 2

Supervisor: Dr Mark Petrie (

Author and current fellow: Dr Michael MacDonald (


Advanced heart failure fellowship, golden jubilee national hospital. A Fellowship Designed to give comprehensive training in advanced heart failure, cardiac transplantation and ventricular assist devices.


Open advert followed by interview


This has changed from when I initially did my fellowship, but now includes: daily ward rounds of ICU/Advanced heart failure ward; post transplant and advanced heart failure clinics; weekly MDT; right heart catheterisation and cardiac biopsy.

Optional sessions of cardiac MRI and device implantation.


Numbers have increased from when I initially did my fellowship, but are around 10 transplants per year around 17 short term and 5 long term vad implantations.  Large case load of post transplant and heart failure patients referred for consideration of advanced therapy.  Good exposure to full range of familial and acquired cardiomyopathies.


This is optional.  Available on call is on the fellow rota of the golden jubilee, which means you get paid a banding supplement.  This involves resident on call overnight covering CCU, cardiology ward, heart failure unit and cardiothoracic wards. 24 hour primary PCI is carried out, so labs are often open overnight.  Weekends are 12 hour shifts and nights run in short blocks.  You carry the arrest page but this goes off infrequently.  You stay in the hotel as your on call room. Very comfortable, imac in room!


There are abundant opportunities for interested individuals.  All 3 consultants in the group. Mark Petrie, John Payne and Roy Gardner have published extensively on heart failure  and been involved in national and international guidelines writing commitees. All previous research fellows involved in research have been given the opportunity to either do a PhD or an MD.  Some research fellows have opted not to perform a higher degree but have still gone on to lead national audits.  As Scotland’s national service the unit is perfectly placed to offer both clinical and epidemiological research.  The unit has close ties with the BHF cardiovascular research centre and Professor J McMurrays group facilitating quality publications in high impact journals.


Glasgow is Scotland’s best city. Great restaurants, bars, clubs, venues, a thriving arts scene, and to cap it all off, 30 minutes from the countryside. I came here for a short trip 10 years ago and stayed, and that is in spite of the weather….